General Contracting & Remodeling A staple in our firm’s exemplary history, Malak Corporation provides highly professional construction management and support services. You may have a unique project that requires a strict adherence to cost, schedule, and quality parameters. That’s why our support systems are designed to effectively control planning, engineering, and construction.

Competencies and skills include:

• Coordination of pre-construction activities
• Construction management
• Change order management
• Certification
• Site inspection and quality assurance
• Post construction review and as-built documentation, and close-out package preparation

Mechanical Insulation In today’s world of increasing energy concerns and tightening budgets, the need for solutions to construct and manage facilities efficiently is ever more relevant. Insulating your systems not only helps you reduce energy costs, it also helps ensure your facility maintains air, sound and temperature quality. Mechanical Insulation provides improved safety, effectiveness and aesthetics to any work environment. Malak is committed to helping you realize the maximum return on investment in your facility by improving energy efficiency, enhancing the quality of your work environment, and reducing your costs.

Malak is an industry leader and one of the top insulation contractors in the Southeastern United States, with experience in insulation projects ranging from new construction to complex Industrial projects. We provide knowledgeable customer oriented service tailored to meet your specific needs. With a wide range of services and resources, we can serve as an insulation contractor no matter the size of your facility or the stage of your project.

Our Specialties:
• HVAC Ductwork, Piping, and Equipment Insulation
• Domestic Water Piping Insulation
• Grease Duct Insulation
• Steam Generation Piping
• Chiller plant





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