General Contracting

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General Contracting & Remodeling is a staple in our firm’s exemplary history, Malak Corporation provides highly professional construction management and support services. You may have a unique project that requires a strict adherence to cost, schedule, and quality parameters. That’s why our support systems are designed to effectively control planning, engineering, and construction.
Competencies and skills include:

  • Coordination of pre-construction activities
  • Construction management
  • Change order management
  • Certification
  • Site inspection and quality assurance
  • Post construction review and as-built documentation, and close-out package preparation

Our General Contracting Division begins their involvement in the planning in the early stages of all projects, working with the design and construction team to perform a facility needs assessment, which leads to the establishment of a plan by which together, we can best operate, maintain and provide facility services.
Malak’s Culture is manifested in how we blend our unique combination of people, processes and technology with a deep commitment and a vested interest in the success of our clients. Performance excellence is embedded in our culture, and the way we perform makes all the difference to our clients.
During the construction planning stage, the team prepares the project plan for access and egress to the site, materials handling and staging, sequencing of the work, safety, and mobilization of the project. We engage the sub-contractors, the community and the vendors who are working on the coordination of activities on the job site in logical sequence to maximize efficiency and minimize rework, and to allow for a smooth flow of activities of resources, materials and personnel through the execution of the project.