At Malak Corp Insulation Division, we specialize in mechanical insulation contracting. We serve commercial and industrial customers who rely on us to deliver high-quality cost effective services. Our focus is to deliver these services consistently, and safely. Malak Mechanical Insulation division is highly experienced in a variety of specialized and challenging areas, including, Insulation, Noise Control and Insulation Fabrication.

Malak Mechanical Insulation division is committed to provide the highest service level to exceed our customers’ expectations. We operate with the understanding that safety, quality and productivity are the mandatory components to a project. On every project we pride ourselves to meet our customer’s standards. We continue this belief by training employees on quality, new products, and safety, which meet or exceed OSHA requirements.

Examples of the mechanical insulation systems that we work on include Hot and cold protection, heat conservation, personnel protection, and acoustic installation. (Others such as boilers, ducts, piping, tanks and vessels)

Some of the materials that we use as mechanical insulation contractors include fiberglass insulation, Armaflex, Aerogel Cyrogel insulation, Isocyanurate insulation board, Metal Jacketing, others.

At Malak Mechanical Insulation Division, we value our customers and place a great deal of emphasis not only on the business relationship but the personal relationship as well. We pride ourselves at providing a quality experience for our clients, each step of the way.


Malak Corporation Insulation provides systematic installation for the following:

•HVAC Ductwork, Piping, and Equipment Insulation
•Domestic Water Piping Insulation
•Grease Duct Insulation
•Steam Generation Piping

Commercial facilities we serve include:

• Apartments
• Retirement Homes
• Assisted Living Facilities
• Schools
• Higher Education Facilities
• Office buildings
• Hospitals and Medical Centers
• Research & Development Facilities
• Government Buildings
• Data Centers

Commercial Insulation Services

• Chilled-water piping
• Cryogenic piping and equipment
• Fire-Rated Grease duct
• HVAC duct
• Plumbing piping
• Pumps, tanks, boilers, and other equipment
• Refrigeration piping
• Sound Insulation
• Steam, condensate and hot water heating piping
• Ammonia Systems

Key Partners