Malak Corporation was founded in 2003 in the State of Florida. We are a privately held, family-owned General Contracting, HVAC & Mechanical Insulation.

Our Clients includes customers such as the State of Florida, Walt Disney Company, Universal Studios, Sea World Parks and many more, as well as numerous not for-profit private, commercial, manufacturing, and industrial companies.


Malak Corporations Headquarters

1806 33rd. Street. Suite 160
Orlando, FL 32839

Office. 407.250.5806
Fax. 813.200.3709

Malak is MBE, DBE and LDB certified with the state of Florida and GOAA.

Here, at Malak Corporation, our core values drive everything we do. Incorporating these core values in our daily work, and making them an integral part of our culture, is key to our future success. Our values solidify who we are and what we believe.


Our values include…

Uncompromising commitment to Quality, Health, Safety and Environment

An open relationship with our employees based on mutual trust, respect and success

Transparency, Accountability and Discipline in our business

Best in class Risk Awareness

Unmatched Integrity: Act with honor and exhibit courage in your words, actions and decisions.

Enjoyment: Fun and fulfillment with a passion for building through recognizing successes in a positive and challenging work environment.

Personal Ownership: Taking initiative to ensure success while being accountable and responsible to yourself and others.